7 Types of Traveller (Who to Ditch)

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7 Types of Traveler and Who to Ditch | Travel Tips

Who to ditch? This will go through your mind a few times while travelling. You don’t want to spending your precious time with people you don’t get on with. The point of travel, especially solo travel is that you get to call the shots. Don’t be the person who follows everyone just because they spoke to you that one time.

If you’re like me. You want to see the world and not the bottom of the top bunk! So do it with people you gel with. I tried to make this an unbiased list but failed.

The Partier

This traveller is travelling for one reason and one reason only. To try every local alcohol and every pub crawl a location has to offer. Typically they don’t see the day time unless it’s for food or a booze cruise. They know all the drinking chants and all the drinking games. These are the ones that will promise to do something with you. But guess what, you won’t be able to wake them up. You’ll be waiting around all day until it’s too late to do what you wanted to do.

VerdictDitch Sometimes. The partier is good for an occasional night of epic fun.

The On Your Leveller

The one you want if you’re not into drinking or missing the highlights. This person is your go to for seeing the sights and everything a location has to offer. They want to see the same things as you and don’t let you down.

VerdictDon’t ditch. This person is great for a few days of exploration. More than this and they may start grating.

The Know It All

They have been everywhere you have. Not only that but they’ve done it better, or more authentically. If you camped next to the great wall of china, they helped build a section. You know the type. They Usually own a musical instrument that they must shove down your throat at any opportunity.

VerdictDitch. Avoid avoid avoid.

The Hippie

They go with the flow. And can sometimes be found in the local Rasta bar, or chilling in a hammock reading. They want to save the world and who can blame them. These are some of the coolest people you will meet. They do travel truly budget and so know where to go and how to do it cheaply. Their love of culture and experiencing local life is usually high.

VerdictDon’t ditch. Always make time for this traveller.

The Digital Nomad

The business minded traveller. They’ve managed to figure out how to travel indefinitely and earn an income while doing it. These people are gold mines of information on open ended travel. They know where the good wifi is, and how to cheaply get accommodation. They probably know all the good restaurants too.

If you want to know how to do the same, pick this persons brains. Do it at every opportunity. Their business may not gel with yours but there is much to learn.

VerdictDon’t ditch. Worth spending time with. Be aware they may have business to get on with so may not always be available. Be patient.

The Jaded Traveller

Avoid this person at all costs. Literally ditch them the moment you realise who they are. They’re the ones who have been there and done it everywhere. Only problem being they can’t stop travelling because they know no better. Secretly they’re bored of their lives but can see no way out. When they talk about travel you can hear the boredom in their voice.

You can find these people stuck in the hostel common area, they never seem to leave. Because there’s nothing outside that interests them. Though they’ll say they’ve done it all anyway.

VerdictDitch. Run for the hills.

Your Travelling Soulmate

This person is such an all rounder. Loves to experience the local culture and food. Enjoys a drink of an evening but doesn’t get smashed. Is totally on your level and never backs out of plans. This person is the one you’ll always be in touch with when you finally go your separate ways. You get each other at lightening speed and all barriers come down overnight.

You share similar interest and view points. Those that you don’t you can have healthy debate about. You can reveal your deepest darkest secrets and not an eyelash will be bat.

VerdictDon’t ditch. Possibly the perfect travel mate. You will want to travel long term with this person. You’ll do everything in your power to make sure you do.

Who to Ditch?

This may be cutting. May be too honest. I think you have a duty to yourself not to waste your time on people who don’t work for you. Yes, this list is personal to me. It’s probably worth you getting to grips with who works on your level and who doesn’t. Stick to your travelling soulmate like glue.

Read my blog on travelling mistakes for more stuff to avoid when travelling.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive so if you feel i’ve missed anyone please describe them down below in the comments. If I’ve offended you or stereotyped you please feel free to correct me also.

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