About Me

My Reason

After I set out travelling in 2016, I launched this site to build a community.

If you love travel like I do, then you’ll feel right at home on my website. As a bisexual man, I’m also hoping to create an extra relatable experience for LGBT+ people with an interest in travelling (with a little photography thrown in). As well as offering my advice on travel in general, I want to break down barriers and talk openly about the stigmas and taboos attached to bisexuality, to help people who have had similar experiences travel without fear, discrimination or anxiety.

My hope is you’ll enjoy my website because I’m honest, genuine and I’m learning as I go. I’ll leave nothing out, good or bad. Expect plenty of honest posts about my experiences dealing with being bisexual and sexuality as a whole whilst travelling. I’ll hold nothing back and give you first hand guides on travelling solo. It’s the best way to let you know what to expect!

Jonathan Beal Canterbury Kent England About Me

My Background

I came out at the early age of 15/16, and had been struggling with my sexuality since way before that day, both in my own perception and how I felt the world perceived me. Home life had become stagnant, and I was unable to break free of the chains I had created for myself. Travel was a kind of last chance attempt at addressing this, and it changed everything for me.

Travel has helped me learn to accept myself wherever in the world I was. The change and perspective that travel has brought me is indescribable, and I have never been happier. I started this website as my own way of helping others in my situation and actively battle society’s views of the B in LGBT, so that those who reach my blog have hope and a platform to join that fight.

My Passion

I’m now a huge lover of travelling, and I’m also enjoying exploring a new hobby as an amateur photographer. My favourite way to travel is to stay somewhere a while, spending a good amount of time in one place and trying to live as the locals do. Sharing life experiences with people around the world has been something I will always remember.

A qualified personal trainer in my pre-travel life, I’ve also got a passion for health and fitness and will be sharing my tips on how to balance these things with long-term travel. It can be done!

I guess this blog could be called my second coming out story, albeit longer, with much more adventure and a dash of photography. Never convince yourself you’re trapped where you are, or trapped as who you are. If I can break free, anyone can.

Join me on my adventures!

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