Anxiety, Bisexuality and Travelling

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Anxiety, Bisexuality and Travelling

Throughout my life, I’ve suffered from both anxiety and depression to varying degrees. I’m writing this blog with the hope to share with you some of my experiences, how I’ve learnt to overcome them, and ultimately how much travelling has helped me. Warning: Lots of text, but I promise it should be worth the read… Or you can skip straight to … Read More

Entitlement – A Wake Up Call

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Reflection | Personal

Entitlement is the worst thing that can happen to a person, a feeling that you are somehow entitled to anything in this life can destroy your life. From friendships to relationships, to work, fun and everything in between. I’m going to use this post as a way to both confront my past self, his attitude, and to apologise to people … Read More

Dear 20 Year Old Me – A Letter

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Travel | Travelling | Letter | Past

Where to begin, I’ll start by saying that I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while. So much has happened both bad and good in the last 10 years that I feel the need to condense what I’ve learnt into a letter for good. The Letter Dear Jon, You may feel indestructible, almost like a superhero, however you … Read More

The Day I Realised My Life Had Changed

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Travel | Travelling | Traveling | Thailand

What Do I Mean? There are some moments in life that are truly defining. Moments where you have a deep realisation that something has changed, and it’s changed for the better. Moments like this tend to hit you like a ton of bricks and this one was no different. Where was I? I had arrived in Thailand only 6 days … Read More

How to Stay Productive While Travelling the World

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Digital Nomad | Productive | Productivity

The holy grail for most travellers is how to continue travelling, but you need to stay productive. There are multiple ways to attack that, online business (digital nomad territory). Or working in each country you visit to extend your travel. I’m going to deal with the former. I’m going to assume you have an idea or a business right now. … Read More

The Challenges of Being a Bisexual Solo Traveller

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Solo Travel | Bisexual | LGBT+ Travel | Solo Traveller

Travelling solo is tough already but being bisexual and a solo traveller can be a tough mix. We’ve all experienced at some point or another the inevitable questioning. “Oh but you’re really gay aren’t you?”, “it’s just a phase right?”, or “You’re just greedy aren’t you?”. Listed below is what I’ve learnt so far about the difficulties. I’m going to … Read More

7 Types of Traveller (Who to Ditch)

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7 Types of Traveler and Who to Ditch | Travel Tips

Who to ditch? This will go through your mind a few times while travelling. You don’t want to spending your precious time with people you don’t get on with. The point of travel, especially solo travel is that you get to call the shots. Don’t be the person who follows everyone just because they spoke to you that one time. … Read More

10 Travelling Mistakes I Made So You Don’t Have To

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My Top 10 Travelling Mistakes

We all make travelling mistakes. I’m here to tell you which ones you don’t have to make. Start your trip off right by avoiding everything I mention below. 1. Booking Too Far in Advance Most travellers have been guilty of this at one point or another. Booking every flight, every hostel, and all your trips. This leaves no room at … Read More

Galungan, a Traditional Balinese Ceremony

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Galungan a Traditional Balinese Ceremony

The family that hosts my Airbnb in Mengwi invited me along to the main ceremony as part of Galungan. A festival that lasts almost a week in preparations and events. I was even inadvertently included in the festival, read on to find out more. You can learn more about Galungan in my Bali blog post. This has to be up … Read More

Cockfighting During the Bali Ceremony of Galungan

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Cockfighting During Galungan on Bali

I was invited to watch cockfighting, this post may be a trigger for some. My advice is don’t read ahead if you don’t want my honest, unbiased account. I have included pictures, though none of the actual cockfighting, I draw the line there. Coming from a country where cockfighting was banned in 1835. I of course have some preconceived ideas and beliefs … Read More

Arriving in Bali My First 24 Hours

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My First 24 Hours in Bali

In the 24 hours since arriving in Bali, I’ve experienced a lot of true Balinese life. My Airbnb listing was described as a home with local living, and boy is it delivering. I must preface this with the fact that I arrived when the Balinese festival of Galungan was about to begin. Galungan in Bali Galungan is a festival about … Read More