9 Rules of Hostel Etiquette, or How to be awesome!

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9 Rules of Hostel Etiquette

Being considerate of fellow travellers in hostels is one of the easiest things to do, and yet some people still manage to get it wrong. This is my take on how to be kind to your fellow travellers and also make some friends at the same time just by being an awesome human being and following these simple rules of … Read More

Boracay, the Island I Couldn’t Leave

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Boracay, the island I couldn't leave

I’m stuck on Boracay, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a flight to Vietnam on Tuesday I have no idea if i’d be leaving. How to get stuck on Boracay How did this happen? If you’d read my previous blog you’d know I was having some anxiety issues. Well turns out I overcame them, though not … Read More

Anxiety, Bisexuality and Travelling

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Anxiety, Bisexuality and Travelling

Throughout my life, I’ve suffered from both anxiety and depression to varying degrees. I’m writing this blog with the hope to share with you some of my experiences, how I’ve learnt to overcome them, and ultimately how much travelling has helped me. Warning: Lots of text, but I promise it should be worth the read… Or you can skip straight to … Read More

Hong Kong to Boracay – The Typhoon

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Hong Kong to Boracay

Typhoon level 8 they announced meaning potential grounding of all flights in and out of Hong Kong. This led to a very stressful 36 hours. So many things went wrong but so right at the same time. First my original flight booking from Hong Kong to Manila wasn’t even confirmed through my travel agent, an issue I had raised multiple … Read More

India to Hong Kong – Tour Preparations

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India to Hong Kong Tour

24 hours of travelling is always exhausting. Starting from Goa I left my accommodation at 10:30am to catch a flight to Delhi. From there I had a long layover to catch a flight at 1am the next day to arrive in Hong Kong at 8:30am, then arriving at my hostel by 11am. I was exhausted. Though having two seats to … Read More

Delhi to Goa – Insane Airport Security

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Delhi to Goa

Delhi airport, a well oiled machine. Security so tight they won’t let you into the terminal without a ticket or proof of one. Hard luck if you’ve got an eticket and a dead phone. Fortunately for me my phone was charged. Once you’ve checked in get ready for a frisking as it’s mandatory for all passengers. The fun part is … Read More

Getting a Chinese Visa in Delhi – How To Guide

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Getting a Chinese VISA in Delhi

Getting your Chinese VISA in Delhi is quick and easy. This guide will make sure you take everything you need to make it run smoothly. The China Visa Office in Delhi is actually a wonderful experience and they really go over and above to make sure you have a smooth and successful application. However to ensure you don’t have to … Read More

Conquering Your Fears – One Step at a Time

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Conquering Your Fears

I’ve been in Thailand over 2 weeks now and I’m loving absolutely every minute! It was time to start conquering some fears. After spending a decent amount of time in Koh Pha Ngan meeting some incredible people and just generally having the most amazing time, so much so I’m going back on the 18th February to the same hostel. I … Read More