Bangkok to Koh Phangan – My First Island

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Bangkok to Koh Phangan

I’ve been in Thailand officially a week today, it has been all kinds of extremes, from the crazy Khao San Road in Bangkok to the chilled out beaches of Koh Phangan. I’m loving every minute of it! Currently I’m sat in the hostel bar eating the freshest vegetable spring rolls you’ve ever seen! Listening to some chilled tunes and watching … Read More

Less Than a Week to Go

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Today was a bit of a milestone, I now have my foreign currency, I have sold my car and my bag is basically packed. Next Tuesday I get on my flight which takes me to my first stop, Thailand. I can definitely now say it’s starting to hit me that I’m actually going, and that by this time next week … Read More


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Today is a bit of a landmark, I got my 60 day Thailand VISA approved which should be delivered tomorrow. This means the first leg of my trip is set and I should, fingers crossed, have no problem spending roughly 3 months in Thailand. It’s less than 3 weeks until I go and I could not be more excited, apprehensive … Read More

Why I quit working in a gym – Commercial Gyms

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Why I Quit Working in a Gym

So I’ve been giving this a lot of thought over the last few months. About whether or not I would actually write this blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to, I need to highlight the reasons why I think that most people shouldn’t train in a gym (this doesn’t apply to all gyms). So I’ve worked in … Read More

Handing in my notice

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Today was a strange day for a number of reasons, I’ve worked in the same place, doing the same job now for coming on 4 years. I’m about to be completely honest about how I’ve found it. One thing I’ve always done is move from job to job, and even from house to house, this is the longest I’ve lived … Read More

Dropping everything to go…

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I did it! I booked and paid for my trip, the flights, a few tours and my insurance. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, 6 months ago there is no way on earth I’d have been travelling to the next county let alone half way around the world, and also alone! Why am I doing this, well life is … Read More