9 Rules of Hostel Etiquette, or How to be awesome!

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9 Rules of Hostel Etiquette

Being considerate of fellow travellers in hostels is one of the easiest things to do, and yet some people still manage to get it wrong. This is my take on how to be kind to your fellow travellers and also make some friends at the same time just by being an awesome human being and following these simple rules of … Read More

Delhi to Goa – Insane Airport Security

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Delhi to Goa

Delhi airport, a well oiled machine. Security so tight they won’t let you into the terminal without a ticket or proof of one. Hard luck if you’ve got an eticket and a dead phone. Fortunately for me my phone was charged. Once you’ve checked in get ready for a frisking as it’s mandatory for all passengers. The fun part is … Read More

Bangkok to Koh Phangan – My First Island

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Bangkok to Koh Phangan

I’ve been in Thailand officially a week today, it has been all kinds of extremes, from the crazy Khao San Road in Bangkok to the chilled out beaches of Koh Phangan. I’m loving every minute of it! Currently I’m sat in the hostel bar eating the freshest vegetable spring rolls you’ve ever seen! Listening to some chilled tunes and watching … Read More