Boracay, the Island I Couldn’t Leave

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Boracay, the island I couldn't leave

I’m stuck on Boracay, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a flight to Vietnam on Tuesday I have no idea if i’d be leaving. How to get stuck on Boracay How did this happen? If you’d read my previous blog you’d know I was having some anxiety issues. Well turns out I overcame them, though not … Read More

Hong Kong to Boracay – The Typhoon

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Hong Kong to Boracay

Typhoon level 8 they announced meaning potential grounding of all flights in and out of Hong Kong. This led to a very stressful 36 hours. So many things went wrong but so right at the same time. First my original flight booking from Hong Kong to Manila wasn’t even confirmed through my travel agent, an issue I had raised multiple … Read More