The Challenges of Being a Bisexual Solo Traveller

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Travelling solo is tough already but being bisexual and a solo traveller can be a tough mix. We’ve all experienced at some point or another the inevitable questioning. “Oh but you’re really gay aren’t you?”, “it’s just a phase right?”, or “You’re just greedy aren’t you?”. Listed below is what I’ve learnt so far about the difficulties. I’m going to … Read More

Anxiety, Bisexuality and Travelling

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Anxiety, Bisexuality and Travelling

Throughout my life, I’ve suffered from both anxiety and depression to varying degrees. I’m writing this blog with the hope to share with you some of my experiences, how I’ve learnt to overcome them, and ultimately how much travelling has helped me. Warning: Lots of text, but I promise it should be worth the read… Or you can skip straight to … Read More