Jonathan Beal

A Coach, a Mentor, a Teacher, but mostly a Guide.

Helping You Master Self-Kindness

Jonathan Beal

A Coach, a Mentor, a Teacher, but mostly a Guide.

Helping You Master Self-Kindness

Who am I?

I am a truth seeker, a burner of lies, a creator of deep and brilliant clarity, allowing you to embody and trust your true self, the one free of all the parts of you that are NOT you.

I have spent the last 14+ years seeking to understand how we can be in congruence with ourselves, our immediate environment, and our wider world, how through kindness and deeply held intentions for self-love you can free yourself, and embody your true self.

What started off as a need to hack productivity evolved into a deep desire to understand the human body and how we can improve mental health through movement and nutrition, which graduated into a deep yearning to understand mind, body and soul through connecting deeply with and embodying our hearts desires.

My own story is one of intense loss, having worked through years of grief, losing my sister at an early age, having a semi-present father, and then losing my mother at the age of 24, I understand the depth of darkness.

This combined with an 18+ year journey of understanding my sexuality, and how bisexuality without stable role models, or a society that accepted it, would lead me on a quest to understand my inherent masculinity and femininity, and how integrating both allowed a depth of personal understanding that wasn't available before this.

I am not shy of going to the depths, into the cave, where the darkness resides, because this is where the treasure lies, and where true transmutation happens, I also know that having a guide, someone to walk alongside you into these dark places enables a courage that otherwise may not be accessible.

My mission is to help you come home to congruence, into wholeness, into practicing self-kindness, and to support you in celebrating every inch of who you are...


Ways to work with me...

1:1 Coaching

From one off sessions, to my VIP 'Walking Our Talk' experience, up to my bespoke coaching experience 'The Congruent Self' there are many ways for you to get what you need in the way that works for you.

I've designed each experience to be impactful and empowering in their own special way, one off sessions will give you a space to confront with confidence that which is immediately ahead of you, giving you clarity and the fire you need to forge ahead a more deeply true version of yourself.

Walking Our Talk is designed to be an experience in embodied action, and that together using ritual and ceremony we go on a journey inwards, seeking to find and understand your true self, and give you the tools to embody that more deeply every day that follows.

The Congruent Self is designed to be an ongoing exploration, where I invite you to go deeper, to enter the cave, so that we can together find the treasure at the core of who you are, so that we can find self-kindness and above all take you to a place where you get to celebrate all of you, every day, in all ways.

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Change and Transformation Consultancy

Create more freedom, get results, and build massive momentum. Together we will redesign and systemise your life or business, to make progress effortless.

In these sessions I will support you in redesigning your life or business (SME, entrepreneur & solopreneur) systems so you can reclaim time, reduce stress and increase clarity and certainty.

Build systems that work for you not against you, that use your inherent operating style, so you're no longer trying to force systems to work that were never designed for you in the first place.

  • Create massive clarity on where you are now
  • Uncover and understand your inherent operating systems
  • Design systems that work with you not against you
  • Create a reliable implementation plan
  • Create more time and freedom in your life or business
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Join me on Patreon

I created my Patreon primary as a way to create a community, a community of folk looking to embody their truest self, to celebrate our uniqueness, and to support each other in learning to fully self-express.

You get inside access to my brain, what's going on for me right now and how I navigate that in the Patron only Audio series 'Walking Your Talk' as well as early access to the upcoming podcast 'Finding Congruence.

It is my aim that this be the place where you get all of me, where historically I've curated my online presence, this is a place where I am committed to being all of me, before I'm ready, and to truly walk my talk.

Depending on the tier that you join at, you also get the chance to join monthly interactive livestreams, where we dig into what it means to be congruent and how to own and celebrate your true self.

Join for as little as £3.50 per month, and get as much or as little access to the tiered bonuses as you like.

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