Jonathan Beal

Imagine Having Strength and Confidence In Your Sexuality, In Your Career, And In Your Health


Openly, Freely Live Your Life Without Any Internal Pain – And Experience Awesome Results!

How much more would you love your life if you felt completely comfortable in your own skin, having nothing to hide and no expectations to live up to except your own? What if people couldn’t help but say… “I really like you because you are just so true to yourself?”

My name is Jonathan Beal and I created my unique coaching program specifically to bring life-changing transformations to other gay and bisexual men (like you) who want to live a rich, full life full of possibility and prosperity.

“I really like you because you are just so true to yourself?”


 Aren’t you sick of:

  • Feeling like you have to live up to someone else’s expectations all the time?

  • Feeling like you’re “living someone else’s life”?

  • Never being able to truly connect with other people because you are scared they might “find out about who you really are”?

  • Not having as many deep relationships as you could or should, and feeling lonely?

  • Having low confidence to talk to people you are attracted to, or even in general?

  • Not having the motivation to take care of yourself or your health?

  • Feeling like you’re “stuck in a rut” professionally?

The good news is, none of that is natural and if you go back to living in “your natural greatness”, it all goes away.

 Get Out of Your Own Way and Experience a Vibrant Life

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I know I can help you get back to your natural greatness because I have completed over 7,000 hours of one to one coaching sessions and over 1,000 hours of group coaching sessions. I can teach you how to live authentically and embrace vulnerability.

It works because when you become vulnerable, you find something new you have been hiding from and you experience true growth. This leads to amazing insights and a newfound ability to forge deeper connections with yourself and to others.

 You’ll get out of your own way. You will learn to love yourself, and you will naturally feel good!


And when you feel good, then motivation comes naturally to you and you are propelled forward in your career and in your health. Loving yourself has a naturally empowering effect that is hard to match.

I have built my reputation based on the results that I am able to bring to my clients.

  • Feeling strong, confident, relaxed and happy in your whole life

  • Fully expressing who you are – Every gay and bisexual inch of yourself

  • No longer caring about other people’s expectations or opinions of you

  • No longer feeling shameful or guilty about who you are and truly loving yourself

  • Professional success popping up beyond what you imagined to be possible

  • Enjoying life and work again, going from strength to strength and enjoying challenges

  • Experiencing a new revolution in your health

And guess what? It’s 100% FREE to try me out.

If you think this is too good to be true? Good, then test me out and take me up on my offer of a 100% FREE discovery call. If I don’t deliver, then you still have everything you started with.

But if what I’m saying is true, and you don’t take me up on this free offer… then you’re only hurting yourself my friend. I could show you a whole new world for absolutely free.

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