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Where Is Your Journey Of Self Discovery Leading You Next?


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My name is Jonathan Beal and I created my unique life coaching services to help you discover a way to take your life to the next level in every area, while avoiding challenges along the way.

If you are a gay or bisexual man and you have experienced conflicting emotions about who you are, what your place in this world is, and how to succeed in this life from a place of authentic self-expression, then I am here to tell you there is hope.


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The life coaching I offer is actually a deep journey of self-discovery and vulnerability that will help you discover how to love yourself.

It will help you to have confidence in who you are deep down, build a support network that enhances your life, and lift you to heights you previously couldn’t have imagined.

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 I know how to get results … This coaching business has evolved out of a successful personal training business where I’ve completed over 7,000 hours of one to one coaching sessions and over 1,000 hours of group coaching sessions.

Plus I’ve dealt with my own feelings of bisexual inadequacy for all of my life.

By the end of a coaching program with me, your health will be improved or restored, your professional life will flourish and blossom, you will love the challenges coming at you each and every day and you will feel strong, relaxed, happy and confident.

You will feel strong,
happy and confident.


Britt East

Before working with Jonathan as a life coach, I struggled making friends, maintaining healthy communication patterns with my husband, and knowing my place in the world. Even though I’ve had lots of advantages and experienced lots of success, I just felt like something was missing. Deep down I knew my life could be better.

Jonathan has been with me every step of the way: patiently holding me accountable to be my best self, eagerly challenging me to step into a new way of being, and lovingly encouraging me to create the life of my dreams. He effortlessly balances insight, intuition, and intelligence, and has been an absolute pleasure and a joy to work with. I really look up to Jonathan, and cannot recommend him highly enough!

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Kate Smith - WiFly Nomads

Jonathan has really pushed my limits to really see and help me uncover what I'm capable of. He's helped me realise my self-worth, and that's something that has impacted how I show up and it feels so empowering and freeing to finally know my value.

He's had so much life experience. He lives and breathes what it is that he's teaching and coaching people on. He's worked through so much stuff himself. To me, that's the most important thing is that he understands and he gets it and he creates a safe space for you to go through that journey yourself.

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