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Britt East


It all started when…

I came to Jonathan after years of individual counseling and work in a variety of self-help programs. I live with anxiety, PTS, and depression, but am also a high-achieving corporate professional with a successful career.

I had never worked with a life coach before, and was apprehensive about how it might fit in with the rest of my practice. I worried the work would be too simplistic or saccharine. But nothing could have been further from the truth. I quickly realized that working with a life coach actually complements my therapy and spiritual practice. Jonathan conscientiously supports my entire practice and created a program that is both completely tailored to my needs, and challenges me to my core.

I signed up for Jonathan’s free, initial assessment. It was a lovely one-on-one conversation where he introduced himself, listened to my story, discussed my wants and needs, and then confidently expressed his faith in our ability to work together to address these issues. His confidence and warmth was completely contagious!

As a gay man, I have sometimes been nervous about reaching out to healthcare professionals for fear of being judged or misunderstood. And it has been such a pleasure to work with someone who is out, open, and honest about his life and sexuality. Jonathan’s willingness to share his story put me right at ease. And I know I can talk to him about absolutely anything.

Before working with Jonathan, I struggled making friends, maintaining healthy communication patterns with my husband, and knowing my place in the world. Even though I’ve had lots of advantages and experienced lots of success, I just felt like something was missing. Deep down I knew my life could be better.

As soon as I started working with Jonathan, I noticed immediate results. He helped me identify the negative core beliefs that were limiting my potential, and then write codes of conduct for both my personal and professional lives. Together we built a granular set of goals, strategies, and tactics to help identify my overall vision, and move me to a more purpose-driven life. He assigned reading materials I could share with my husband, so we could learn how to love each other more effectively, and implement healthy communication patterns. And that’s just the beginning! I have honestly never felt so filled with hope and excitement to live my life, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds!

Along with the coaching sessions, Jonathan created a private online space for me to post my thoughts throughout the week. He then reads these posts and comments on them. This just blew me away that he would take the time to do this, and has been invaluable to me. I feel closer to him, and get immediate feedback as I have questions. He is so generous with his time!

My friends and family have noticed a huge change in me. I keep getting comments like, “I’ve never seen you this happy!” and “I’ve never seen you look so good!” And that was after just a few sessions! Working with Jonathan is like a booster shot for my soul. I notice immediate results each week, and the overall impact on my health and well-being has been amazing! I have never been more excited about my life and can’t wait to see what my future holds!

Jonathan has been with me every step of the way: patiently holding me accountable to be my best self, eagerly challenging me to step into a new way of being, and lovingly encouraging me to create the life of my dreams. He effortlessly balances insight, intuition, and intelligence, and has been an absolute pleasure and a joy to work with. I really look up to Jonathan, and cannot recommend him highly enough!


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