Jonathan Beal

You can have a life with purpose, you can be seen, you can live in complete alignment

 Are you truly seen?

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Because we all have so little time, here’s a quick version of my bio:

  • Created the Congruent Self Blueprint, which helps high achievers connect with themselves, their purpose, create deeper connections and create an impact in the world.

  • Worked as a personal trainer for 6 years, completing over 7,000 hours of one on one coaching, and over 1,000 hours of group coaching.

  • Dedicated over 4 years of my life intentionally investing in my personal and professional growth to ensure I had the skills and tools to help you, something that is day on day still a part of my life.

  • Lost my sister when I was 3, have had a turbulent relationship with my father, lost my mother when I was 24, but overcame all that by learning to address my traumas, learning to connect with others on a deeper level and learning to face and overcome my limiting self-beliefs.

  • From the UK but I’ve lived in Bali, Thailand, Australia and now live in Valencia, Spain

  • A certified NLP Practitioner with NLPLife (Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP)

  • Overcame 16 years of living someone else’s life, to now owning my story, taking charge of my life with courage and honesty and living a life I could only have dreamed of before

Finding my place in the world… 

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From a young age I was exposed to turbulence, to uncertainty, to change, and yet one thing remained, I had big dreams, and I knew that guiding, teaching and unleashing other people’s potential was what I was born to do.

Growing up I had a safe, loving and caring environment that was filled with joy and happiness, though it always carried with it a sense of sadness, losing my sister when I was just 3 years old was hard on my mother, she already suffered greatly with mental health issues, and this event caused more pain than I know she knew how to deal with.

I spent the next 20 years moving around a lot, watching my own mother go through depression, and major anxiety, at this point it did not occur to me that I was learning these behaviours, that I was being kept safe, but safe in pain.

During this time I was mostly disconnected from my father, something that I bear no grudge over even to this day we remain mostly estranged, which I’ve made my peace with. I’ve forgiven and moved on.

Fast forward and after a year of seeing my mother battle with cancer she passed away in March 2010, when I was just 24 years old. I already held the story that people didn’t want me, and that I was destined for a life of abandonment, and when the one person who truly saw me, who loved me unconditionally left, well, it broke me.

This began a 10 year journey of self-discovery, of pain, of suffering, of hiding, of rebirth.

During these 10 years I began to understand myself, to truly know myself, to understand my faults, my weaknesses, my scars and wounds.

I also discovered, my strengths, my superpowers, my ability to unleash people’s potential, to change someone’s mood in an instant, to lift people up to the highest heights.

In 2015 I reached my limit on living a mediocre life, a life where I was pretending to be someone else.


I don’t want to live somebody else’s life! 

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This began a journey of throwing myself into the personal growth deep end, every single chance I got.

I knew that if I did not take this change seriously I would be stuck hiding, not being seen, and live to the end of my days miserable.

Every chance to create a paradigm shift I jumped on, every opportunity to learn and grow I embraced wholeheartedly, fully and many times, painfully.

2017 I made the decision it was time to turn this towards creating dramatic shifts in people’s lives.

To help those who were living other people’s lives, those playing people pleaser, those hiding, and those not being truly seen.

To help guide them to creating a purpose driven life, a life of alignment, of congruence, and to help people like YOU finally be seen as the real you!

Throwing myself in the deep end I started to find ways to solve these problems for others, and created a method of taking you from people pleaser, a wearer of many masks, to living unapologetically as you, giving you freedom and choices in living the life you desire.

As a result of this, analysing my personal and professional development and that of the clients I have worked with I developed:


 The Congruent Self Blueprint

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A 3 month program of personal and professional growth.

If this is your year, your year to step fully and unapologetically into your true authentic self, and to be seen, now is your opportunity!

Why the Congruent Self Blueprint?

The Congruent Self Blueprint is a 5 stage process to a courageously congruent life, in which you will learn how to live with purpose, and be truly seen as the real authentic you.

It’s special because the process holds a reality mirror up to your life, it shows you the real you, and allows you to fully step into and embody that.

The process works because it is based on accountability, taking full responsibility for your life, a judgement free environment, and the space to explore who you are and how to step into being more of that.

It is tried and tested to work on myself and my clients and is designed to give you the purpose driven life you’ve always wanted.

It’s for you if you’re secure in your career, have created a life for yourself but something is missing, it’s that part of you that screams to be seen and heard, to allow you to create an experience for yourself, the people in your life and the world at large.

You will save years of soul searching, years of self-directed personal development time, and you will take a giant leap forwards to a place you may never have reached without it.

You will be more confident, you will have a complete understanding of your self-worth and place in this world, you will form deeper connections and relationships with yourself and everyone else in your life. Finally you will be living a purpose driven life.


What my coaching clients are saying, Britt East:


“Before working with Jonathan, I struggled making friends, maintaining healthy communication patterns with my husband, and knowing my place in the world. Even though I’ve had lots of advantages and experienced lots of success, I just felt like something was missing. Deep down I knew my life could be better.

As soon as I started working with Jonathan, I noticed immediate results. He helped me identify the negative core beliefs that were limiting my potential, and then write codes of conduct for both my personal and professional lives. Together we built a granular set of goals, strategies, and tactics to help identify my overall vision, and move me to a more purpose-driven life. He assigned reading materials I could share with my husband, so we could learn how to love each other more effectively, and implement healthy communication patterns. And that’s just the beginning! I have honestly never felt so filled with hope and excitement to live my life, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds!

Jonathan has been with me every step of the way: patiently holding me accountable to be my best self, eagerly challenging me to step into a new way of being, and lovingly encouraging me to create the life of my dreams. He effortlessly balances insight, intuition, and intelligence, and has been an absolute pleasure and a joy to work with. I really look up to Jonathan, and cannot recommend him highly enough!”

 Now is your opportunity to achieve the same results…

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There is a very strict criteria if you want to join the congruent self blueprint program!

  • You are committed to your own personal and professional growth and development.

  • You want real change in your life.

  • You can demonstrate that you have been working on yourself already.

  • You are coachable and collaborative.

  • You will be committed to getting the work done, and will take action.

  • You are ready to make an investment in yourself, towards your future.

  • You want to live in alignment with courage.

  • You are ready to step out from behind the shadows.

Here’s what we will cover together when working together:

In Stage 1 we begin by starting where you are, by taking a deep dive into your current situation, what’s working and what isn’t and whilst honouring your past we start taking small steps towards building new habits and actions that support a purpose driven future.

Stage 2 we develop your internal connection, we explore more the beliefs and stories you hold about yourself, whilst focusing on the things you’re passionate about, what brings you joy and happiness and work on connecting you with your self worth.

Stage 3 is all about creating and cementing new self-beliefs and stories that serve you, we work on resistance, and begin developing your ultimate why, whilst building out individual why’s that will drive you towards achieving all of your goals.

Stage 4 is all about your relationship with yourself, those in your life, and those who are not yet a part of your life. Here we work through building strategies, and giving you tools to truly and deeply connect.

Stage 5 is where you step courageously into your congruent life, all the work you’ve done, all the skills and tools you’ve developed will help you maintain your trajectory towards creating the life of your dreams.

As a result, you will be living YOUR life.

You will have more opportunities.

You will have more choices in life, and freedom to live the life you want.

You will have more confidence, a confidence that will enter the room before you do.

People will SEE you like they never have before.


 Why was it developed?

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The Congruent Self Blueprint was developed out of a clear need to help men and women who are living in fear of being themselves because of the threat of rejection or loss.

It is used to interrupt the cycle of people pleasing, mask creation and as a result of both of those things a complete loss of understanding of their place in the world and an inability to effectively communicate their needs to the people in their lives.

The process is designed to enable YOU to connect more deeply with yourself, uncover what makes you truly you and live more congruently with confidence and courage.

I do have a disclaimer…

Will you get results? 

This depends on your ability to commit to the work, and to show up to every session ready to grow and learn with an open mind.

Why 3 months?

90 days is the ideal length of time to interrupt old patterns, learn new ones and create habits that last.

Will you get the life you want?

Again this depends on your ability to follow through, if you want to take charge of your life and create the life you want you have to be willing to put in the work to get there.

I know for sure that if you show up, if you’re committed and willing to do what is necessary, your life will change, you will be seen, and you will live a life in complete alignment with yourself!

Are you ready to start confronting limiting self-beliefs, living in alignment with yourself and to be truly and really seen? You can apply now for one on one coaching by completing the application here.

We will schedule a discovery call, where together we will understand where you are, where you want to be, and how we can create a plan to get you there. If you are a good fit for the programme we can begin creating massive change in your life immediately.

This is your chance to create real change in your life, to create a life of choice, a life where you will be truly seen, a life of freedom to be unapologetically you. Unlock your relationships, create true connection with support, guidance and an environment and process designed to give you flexibility and real accountability.